Attendance: I had fairly good attendance. There were two or three classes that I can honestly say that I had no business missing but I just need to be more responsable and get things ready and wake up earlier.

Deadlines: I have missed deadlines. I also learned how to do some things properly after turning something in thinking it’s correct.

Attitude: I’m a pretty uplifting guy. I always make sure to give positive feed back and not interupt people when they speak.

Work: I have had some difficulty getting things done but I must say that while in school and having a job there are a lot of other things to get done than this. Better prioritising would have resulted in better work but if this was the only thing I was doing I’m sure it wouldn’t be as much trouble.

When I looked up internships I found that the paid one’s are the ones that consist of the biggest but most narrow topics. For example, fashion is a big (as in popular) and specific topic.

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Tats (example paper)

I’ve been asked countless times when am I going to get tattat up (slang for getting tattoos). My reply is either something very sarcastic or straightforward but the answer is always “I’m not getting any tattoos.”  In my opinion, a tattoo is nothing but a blotch of ink pierced into the skin but most people in the world and a lot of people throughout the history of mankind would strongly disagree with me. They would say that they represent their culture, feelings, likes, and or personality. They would say that they look cute or cool and are an outward representation of their soul. All of these things are fine reasons to back up getting and having tattoos but when you look at the big picture tattoos aren’t worth it because of potential health issues/medical bills, added difficulty finding jobs, and the fact that people change over time.

            Tattoos are made by using a needle to inject ink into the second layer of skin called the dermis. Injecting the ink in this under layer of skin not only keeps the ink from going away but it also keeps the tattoo from stretching which means you can keep the tattoo forever. The needle vibrates and pierces about a millimeter into the skin as the artist draws the tattoo. Some tattoos are small but many people get multiple tattoos and some tattoos cover large areas of the body.

            It hurts to get tattoos, especially on the places of the body that don’t have a lot of meat. Scaring can occur along with the pain especially on places such as the forearms, chest, and back. This clearly doesn’t faze people since over 36% of people in America ages 18-30 have tattoos. Not even including the generation of people that got tattoos when they were younger or the other millions of people in the world that have them. The pain of getting a tattoo goes away in time but worse side effects can happen such as inks being used on a customer that contain lead which can lead to nerve and or brain damage. Lead and traces of other substances can be avoided if you see a professional tattoo artist as well infections and or diseases transmitted by blood such as HIV. Unfortunately, many people (especially younger ones) end up getting tattoos in unprofessional ways that end up being harmful to them. Even if a tattoo is done professionally the person may be allergic to something the ink contains such as hennas, which is a shrub or small tree whose flowers are used in some inks. Again, I advise against tattoos but you feel it’s necessary to get some try and be as safe as possible.

                Mistakes don’t happen often but when they do, it’s good that you can have tattoos removed, right? Make an appointment with a dermatologist and a special medical laser will be used specifically for each color and each color requires a separate trip. Tattoo removals don’t happen all in one treatment. Most of them take at least eight treatments costing $500 – $1,000 per treatment which health care doesn’t cover and after the removal it’s still possible to tell that a tattoo was on the skin by the look of it.

            A removed tattoo is unsightly but it’s not that bad especially when looking for a job. People can get tattoos anywhere they want, even their eyes. A hiring manager of a job is going to expect those he interviews to come dressed appropriately and present themselves and things about themselves that are beneficial to the job. Most jobs don’t really tolerate tattoos not because they have a personal problem with them (which they may) but because the people that they work with may have a problem with them which would be bad for their business. So they think ahead and choose people that they see as more easy on the eyes. Putting people with tattoos a step bellow people that don’t in the job market. There are things that a person wouldn’t express about themselves in a job interview and if a person’s tattoo represents an important or favored part of his or herself then it may come up during the interview weather it’s beneficial or not. A person may like baggy clothes but can change out of them for an interview but a tattoo is something that is show all the time if it isn’t covered up or removed.

            Some people get tattoos in their teenage years. Probably only thinking about how cool it would be but as time goes by people meet new people, get involved with new things, develop new likes and views, and see what’s most important. There are also things that people should show with their actions and not their looks. How can someone be committed to having a tattoo when they can’t even be committed to their spouses families, and friends. A tattoo is supposed to be permanent but so are soul ties such as relationships with family, promises people make, and other important things according to responsibility and feelings. Meaning it’s hypocritical to say that a tattoo is permanent part of you when you don’t show that the more important things are a part of you first.

            Tattoos may look cool or have a deep meaning but they change a person’s life. Getting tattoos may have adverse effects on the body, a person’s career, financial situation, and future. It’s just a safer route to take if a person doesn’t get a tattoo and lets their actions show what’s cool about them and what’s in that persons heart.

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Presentation details

Do not underestimate the effect of the things that you do, say, and watch. The rappers Tupac and Biggi along with a few other less famous underground rappers have died or have been killed in ways of and related to their lyrics. Rhythm & beat singer Aaliyah died because the plane she was on crashed into the ocean after shooting her music video Rock the Boat which was filmed at the ocean. These deaths were very peculiar and being a religious man it made me think about the book of Genesis in which God breathed the breath of life into man which made man become a living soul. If you know anything about God then you know that the things that he created and events he made come to pass are all spoken by his word. Our breath is God’s breath. We’re made in his image. We’re made in his likeness and we are able to operate in a likeness of him or a shadow of him. If we walk behind him as a shadow then he leads us as he walks. What ever religion a person is that person want’s to be a shadow of that deity and every religion has a manuscript. The Christian manuscript is the bible but people have lives and other guide lines to follow such as the creed of an organization a person works for, school books, and instructions to fixing broken things. Actors have to study scripts and become the character that they play. It is impossible for the actor to really become the character but the actor can be the character’s image and can follow the character as a shadow in his own mind. Heath Ledger played the Joker in the latest Batman movie and the Joker happens to be a deranged mad man.

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F.A Cost Conundrum

Finding out that the health care system was doing things like to many oparations and test along with it’s high expenses wasen’t really a suprise to me. A while ago I was jumped and was in really bad shape. I went to the hospital and they did a lot of tests and ran me through a machine that took x-ray pictures. My mom had later recieved a letter that said the insurance didn’t pay so and I saw a bill so lage that my mind doesn’t want to recall the number. Eventually the insurance whent through but we still had to pay $150. Being at that hospital was very uncomfortable. My neck was wrapped up and the way they layed me on the mat hurt my neck more. They also gave me oxygen but it was comming out of the tube so hard that it was hard to breath it. Half the time I didn’t even have it in my nose. It also took them forever to actually do anything. I was laying on a mat for about an hour before they came back and started.

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Rolling Stone

Rolling stone magazine does indeed inspire a lot of change. Music is a large componant of the magazine and there is constant evolution in the music industry. There’s always new artist along with what they do and where they’re going on tour. New beat styles that establish and define new eras of hip-hop. They don’t only cover a few styles of music either. From what I’ve seen so far they go in depth and specific detail in their articles.

Even though I was greatly tempted to analyze the Rihanna articles I checked out some other ones instead so you will be able to tell that what they’re doing is much more broad than what people already here about the mainstream music community. Instead I found an article on the Beatles talking about the time they called it quits and started. After they broke up a new group formed that was dubbed “terrible but great” and went on to elaborate on what they whent through. After reading this article I could tell that Rolling Stone magazine’s audiance is for those who already know a fair amount about music and for those who’s interest is getting deeper.

This website has an artist directory guide from A – Z of artists in every genre from the old to the new. Fans can have acces to bio’s, video’s, and pictures of these celebraties. The website keeps record of it’s publications. It wouldn’t surprise me if older articles are recycled, refreshed, and renewed in other area’s of the website.  Their magazine is not limited to music but has a lot to do with other topics such as movies, politics, and culture.

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Writhing an article using sources

Source: Victoria Garcia

Questions: If you were in a real interview what would it specificaly be about?

Answer: It would be about her career and opinions on education.

Follow up question: What do you have to say about education?

Answer: Finland has a very good education system because teachers must have a master’s degree and all education is free.

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Pat Doyle feature analysis

This teacher always talks about how he wants us to steal things from these articals. I see why he says that; there are a lot of ways to play on words and sound the way you want too and take the reader to the place that’s being read about. In the interview with Pat Doyle he said that he had some trouble getting information from Regas Christou (his interviewee.) The way that this artical is written I don’t think any readers would be able to tell. He wrote on when he was there and what it was like making you feel like you were part of the night life. Along with the description of this interesting club called the Church. One would think that it’s blasphemous to put up scriptures in that kind of atmosphere but no this club has been ranked as the number one club in America a couple of times.

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